Mafia 3 – Preorder now

Mafia 3 is now available to preorder on PS4 and Xbox One and we have to say we’re pretty darn excited. Many of us have waited six long years to meet the new characters, the world and the storyline. This time round, it’s set in 1968, in New Bordeaux. The plot is a lot different though, Lincoln is the main man and he’s an ex-member of the Black Mafia and a Vietnam veteran, trying to find his way in a world without his old crew, so you’re not progressing in the Mafia, you’re building your own!

As always the visuals are amazing, the cars look spectacular and you feel like the superstar in a brilliant mob movie. This will surely get the thumbs up from Mafia 2 fans, and we can’t wait to hear what you all have to say, so make sure you pre-order now.

Simple games – Why do they no longer exist?

I pulled out my Gameboy the other week and there’s something about retro games that’s so simplistic. That’s why they were so addictive and were be played by kids, mums and granddads. Nowadays games are pretty complicated but why? Okay so Flappy Bird is a bit of an exception but in terms of console games there isn’t anything that simple out there to buy. I’m not just talking about simplicity in difficulty level but also in appearance. Mario in 2D is a fine example and I don’t know about you but I much prefer him this way compared to the 3D version on the Wii U. It might just be me but if think there’s still room for stripped back games and I can only hope they will re-trend at some stage in the near future.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a greatly anticipated game that looks set to be released in the latter half of 2016. At the moment, we don’t have all that much to go on in regards to the storyline, but there has been a lot released/shown in regards to the combat of the game. As it is a released by Guerrilla Games, the chances are in favour of the combat being a key part of the game’s attraction, as that is what they’re known for producing.

Zero Dawn is set in a prehistoric world, but with some important distinctions between it and our typical understanding of hunter-gatherer lifestyles and environments. Most of these are brought about by how the monsters that you’ll be looting resources from in games are machines that look similar and behave similarly to animals. You’ll be able to loot explosives and metal weapons from said machines, thereby enhancing your combat potential.

The game looks like it will be an open-world style of gameplay. It also looks like you’ll spend most of the game by yourself, so it is unlikely you’ll be forming up parties too often.

Buying Games on Steam

Steam is one of the most important game platforms for gamers to get involved in. In the world of PC gaming, it is the ultimate system for finding and playing a variety of games and engaging with the community.

Steam is essentially a website that includes forums and sub-forums for each game, as well as an extensive library of games that you can purchase in a safe and secure manner.

The shop is quite similar to Amazon, in the sense that there is a lot of information about the product provided. Like Amazon, you can expect to see a large number of reviews, which should be helpful when you’re deciding whether or not the game is worth purchasing.

Steam also has a lot of regular promotions that can see you save as much as 75% on some games titles. There are both weekday deals and weekend deals, so you can pretty much expect to always have such a deal to take advantage of.

What Types of Games can be Played on Low Quality Laptops?

For the gaming addicts out there, only having access to a laptop which doesn’t have very good specs can be a frustrating experience. A lot of the games that are popular right now have pretty high requirements, so that’s massive swathes of games excluded from the options right off the bat, so what’s left over? A MASSIVE number of games.

Most low requirement games on Steam have the tag “casual” which basically covers a range of games that don’t really take any dedication to enjoy. While most of these games are low spec, there will be some that have high requirements, so you should always look at the system specifications on the product page.

So if you’re interested in playing some games on your laptop, check out casual games for a bit of fun that isn’t going to overpower your computer.