Review Update: Patch for NASCAR 2011: The Game on PlayStation 3

Activision has released a downloadable add-on for NASCAR 2011 that updates tracks, vehicles, and other features to bring the game up to date for the 2011 season. This update is free for PlayStation 3 owners and is included with the second patch. Xbox 360 owners must pony up 160 Microsoft points ($2).


Review Update: Patch for Pirates of Black Cove on PC

Pirates of Black Cove has been updated multiple times in the week after its release. The list of improvements is lengthy, and includes updated visuals, more jokes, mission fixes, fewer crashes, better collision, interface enhancements, and so on. Steam users will automatically download applicable updates.

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Review Update: Update for League of Legends on PC

This review evaluated the boxed retail version of League of Legends. Since the game’s release as a free-to-play battle arena, developer Riot Games has added many new features and has patched the game numerous times. Visit the Release Notes page of the official League of Legends website for more information on feature updates and gameplay adjustments.


Microsoft introduces cross-game rewards program for XBLA


Avatar Famestars will allow players to earn rewards for their avatars by completing various challenges; program to launch with this week’s release of Wreckateer on XBLA.

Microsoft has announced the introduction of a new rewards program for Xbox Live Arcade called Avatar Famestars.

The program will allow players to earn rewards for their avatars and accumulate “Famestar points” by completing challenges across multiple XBLA titles.

According to Microsoft, the Avatar Famestars program will include weekly and one-time challenges, and provide players with avatar rewards such as new outfits and items. Players will be able to carry these rewards over from one game to the next.

Avatar Famestars will launch this week with the release of Iron Galaxy’s Wreckateer, part of Microsoft’s Summer or Arcade annual promotion.

The avatar rewards program will also be added to Full House Poker and A World of Keflings, as well as upcoming titles including Fire Pro Wrestling, Homerun Stars and Avatar Motocross Madness.

PES makers to open UK studio

Pro Evolution Soccer publisher Konami plans to establish a European studio for Tokyo-based PES Productions. The London studio will focus on PES projects for “high-end consoles and PCs,” Konami said in a press release.

The new London-based satellite office will “adopt and recreate local football culture that will ensure the long-running series is kept fresh and exciting,” according to Konami. The Japanese firm will be recruiting staff for the new studio at the Games Developer Conference Europe, the mid-August industry conference that precedes Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

With the Tokyo team’s PES 2013 scheduled for release this autumn, a secondary team dedicated to “high-end consoles” might turn its attention to the next generation of games machines, given that the Wii U launches this winter and Sony and Microsoft are expected to unveil their efforts next summer.

The football franchise will be looking to recover ground lost to rival series FIFA. Though last year’s PES 2012 performed solidly for Konami , it debuted in the UK sales chart at five, while FIFA 12 charted at number one and outdid PES’ first-week sales several times over.

Konami president Shinji Hirano talks up the new UK studio as an initiative to capture “the majesty of European football,” saying that ‚Äúthese are hugely exciting times for the PES series.”