Why are video games so expensive?

It’s with no doubt that the price of video games is skyrocketing every day. People are spending more on video games each time a new version comes out even as prices continue to take a toll on their finances. The question is what is happening to game companies? Why are video games so expensive?

The most obvious reason that explains games’ price rise is production costis that most games are basically small movies. They are designed to follow a certain script with some having 7-8 hours of gameplay, including cut-scenes. Longer games have more variations. Video games producers require the services of concept artists, developers, project managers, writers, designers, and producers. They have at least 80-90 people working on a game under their payroll. Additionally, Hollywood superstars are venturing into the video game business with some like Mark Hamill and Elija Wood offering voice-over services.

Video game productions also take into account focus groups and control testers. After video games companies are done with the productions phase, they spend a considerable amount on marketing. When you take these factors into consideration, you at least have a clue why video games are expensive.

Do We Care About Cross-Platform Gaming?

Cross-platform play may not be as important to gamers as many in the industry believe, with the results from GameTrack’s Q4 2017 survey showing a general indifference to the trend among consumers.

The value of PlayStation, Xbox and PC owners being able to play together has been a regular discussion over the last 12 months. Microsoft has made the cross-platform play between console and PC a core feature of its first-party strategy, while Sony has been widely criticised for its reluctance to allow functionality between PlayStation and Xbox.

However, in a GameTrack survey that spanned gamers in the UK, France, Germany and Spain in Q4 of last year, data revealed a lack of belief in the value of gamers playing together across platforms: when asked about their feelings about cross-platform play in general, 58% of respondents admitted to being “Indifferent” to the trend. Only 8% felt either “Fairly Negative” or “Very Negative” about the industry’s current push towards tearing downs the barriers around gaming platforms, and a total of 34% saw it as Fairly or Very Positive thing overall. But, ultimately, the largest number of respondents weren’t moved in either direction. Surprising!

Is mobile gaming declining?

Mobile gaming is not exactly booming but it’s not exactly declining either, it’s probably fair to say that it has flatlined. It declined quote evidently in 2015 but then picked up again in 2016 and 2017, so some now say it is on its way up again. Gaming on mobiles was once merely for the youth of today, but the audience has changed and it does, of course, depend on the game. A classic like Candy Crush now has a much older audience than it once did, whilst there hasn’t been anything quite as addictive as Flappy Bird, so many people are currently waiting for the next big thing. That said, the quality of the games is much better, and the visuals are often quite superb, so it doesn’t make sense to buy a handheld game console for many people, and we’re sure the game sales in mobile app stores will remain steady, but we really are waiting for the next big game to trend. The last one was probably Pokémon Go.

Why you should buy Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 basically allows you to play the role of a futuristic super-policeman wearing a suit of powered armour. In addition to this, you will get a rare chance to use futuristic weapons which makes you even more powerful. Sound great yet?

As a super-policeman, you will be expected to run around the open world, working on different missions and handling some undesirable elements affecting the city residents. One of the main reasons why you should consider buying it is that it has strong multiplayer elements which allow you to team up with other super-policemen online. The game features “skill for kills” which allows you to easily level up your super-skills. You can then jump over skyscrapers and cause mayhem to your enemy. You will essentially get a chance to fight like a boss! The game also features a dangerous open-world playground. Here you can team up with other friends ( up to four) to eliminate a violent criminal empire. All you need to do is use your city as a weapon against your enemy.

Sony confirms ‘big game announcements’!

There’s been some big news of late from Sony, they have said there are set to be some big game announcements at their PlayStation Live event. The announcement was made on Twitter, and it clearly implies some big news is on the horizon, and now many gaming fans are debating as to what it may be. It could be a prime opportunity to announce brand new games which they clearly imply, or perhaps some news that there will soon be cross platform gaming, but we’d say it’s probably the former. There are hopefully going to be some big titles announced, but we wouldn’t expect much more than that from PS4 right now, and it will be interesting to hear about the next batch of games coming soon. Some of these we may already know of due to rumours, and this could just be a way for Sony to hype up the interest in their event, but that said, it certainly is exciting!