Dangers Of Online Gaming

Gaming online isn’t all fun and games, there are many dangers which you or your child could face. In this article, we are going to look into some of these dangers.

One of the main dangers and most common is cyberbullying. This is the same as bullying in general, just online. Most people like to use gaming as an escape route from real life due to no one knowing who you truly are. However, this does not stop people from bullying. It is important that you or your children know that there are ways to stop this. You can mute the chat, block the player who is bullying you or report it to the gaming administrator.

Another danger is online predators. Online gaming is an easy way for predators to target children. This is because they can be who they want to be. They can pretend to be a similar age to the child, friend them and hurt them.

Why Should You Purchase A Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switches are one of the many consoles you can purchase. I have some reasons why you should purchase this instead of other competitor consoles!

Firstly, these consoles are not as expensive as their competitors. They are priced at around £280, which is slightly cheaper than PS4 and Xbox One. In the long run, you will be able to get more for your money buying this console.

They are portable. Unlike other consoles, the Nintendo Switch can be used as a handheld device, connected to the TV or as a screen with separate controllers. This is handy when travelling as your entertainment can come with you. Especially on long haul flight or journeys.

Finally, they are small and lightweight. This again makes it easier when you want to transport your device. You can easily move them about with their own carry case too. Everything you need to set up your Switch fits perfectly into these cases.

Are mobile App games more popular than ever?

Mobile phones are no longer just used for making simple calls, they are so much more. Mobiles are a high spec camera, calendar, telephone, messaging, social and gaming device.

There are many App games out there and can be used on Android or Apple devices. but why are they becoming more popular?

Mobile screens have increased in size and resolution. It is now possible to play games which once were only available on computers a few years ago. The convenience of having a game downloaded onto your mobile device seems much easier than having to have a console and separate screen.

Mobile App games make it easy to play on your own or with friends alike. Having a multiplayer game at the touch of your phone makes it easy to understand why it is becoming a popular way to game.

Why are video games so expensive?

It’s with no doubt that the price of video games is skyrocketing every day. People are spending more on video games each time a new version comes out even as prices continue to take a toll on their finances. The question is what is happening to game companies? Why are video games so expensive?

The most obvious reason that explains games’ price rise is production costis that most games are basically small movies. They are designed to follow a certain script with some having 7-8 hours of gameplay, including cut-scenes. Longer games have more variations. Video games producers require the services of concept artists, developers, project managers, writers, designers, and producers. They have at least 80-90 people working on a game under their payroll. Additionally, Hollywood superstars are venturing into the video game business with some like Mark Hamill and Elija Wood offering voice-over services.

Video game productions also take into account focus groups and control testers. After video games companies are done with the productions phase, they spend a considerable amount on marketing. When you take these factors into consideration, you at least have a clue why video games are expensive.

Do We Care About Cross-Platform Gaming?

Cross-platform play may not be as important to gamers as many in the industry believe, with the results from GameTrack’s Q4 2017 survey showing a general indifference to the trend among consumers.

The value of PlayStation, Xbox and PC owners being able to play together has been a regular discussion over the last 12 months. Microsoft has made the cross-platform play between console and PC a core feature of its first-party strategy, while Sony has been widely criticised for its reluctance to allow functionality between PlayStation and Xbox.

However, in a GameTrack survey that spanned gamers in the UK, France, Germany and Spain in Q4 of last year, data revealed a lack of belief in the value of gamers playing together across platforms: when asked about their feelings about cross-platform play in general, 58% of respondents admitted to being “Indifferent” to the trend. Only 8% felt either “Fairly Negative” or “Very Negative” about the industry’s current push towards tearing downs the barriers around gaming platforms, and a total of 34% saw it as Fairly or Very Positive thing overall. But, ultimately, the largest number of respondents weren’t moved in either direction. Surprising!