Why you should buy Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 basically allows you to play the role of a futuristic super-policeman wearing a suit of powered armour. In addition to this, you will get a rare chance to use futuristic weapons which makes you even more powerful. Sound great yet?

As a super-policeman, you will be expected to run around the open world, working on different missions and handling some undesirable elements affecting the city residents. One of the main reasons why you should consider buying it is that it has strong multiplayer elements which allow you to team up with other super-policemen online. The game features “skill for kills” which allows you to easily level up your super-skills. You can then jump over skyscrapers and cause mayhem to your enemy. You will essentially get a chance to fight like a boss! The game also features a dangerous open-world playground. Here you can team up with other friends ( up to four) to eliminate a violent criminal empire. All you need to do is use your city as a weapon against your enemy.

Sony confirms ‘big game announcements’!

There’s been some big news of late from Sony, they have said there are set to be some big game announcements at their PlayStation Live event. The announcement was made on Twitter, and it clearly implies some big news is on the horizon, and now many gaming fans are debating as to what it may be. It could be a prime opportunity to announce brand new games which they clearly imply, or perhaps some news that there will soon be cross platform gaming, but we’d say it’s probably the former. There are hopefully going to be some big titles announced, but we wouldn’t expect much more than that from PS4 right now, and it will be interesting to hear about the next batch of games coming soon. Some of these we may already know of due to rumours, and this could just be a way for Sony to hype up the interest in their event, but that said, it certainly is exciting!

Far Cry 5: What we know so far

Far Cry 5 is an upcoming first-person shooter that’s set to be released in February 2018. Many gamers have been waiting for this one, and like the versions before it, the game is set in an open world environment, which players can explore freely on foot or through various vehicles. This time around, it’s based in the Hope County, Montana, where a preacher named Joseph Seed has risen to prominence. As the player, you take on the role of a sheriff’s deputy who is part of the task force sent to Hope County to arrest Seed. Think of it as a good cop bad guy sort of storyline, where religion plays a big role in the unravelling of the plot. The voice actors are incredible and the visual match up perfectly, so you do feel like you’re in a movie at times. This is going to be one of the best Far Cry games yet, we can feel it.


FIFA 18: Not long now

It’s almost that time of year again when EA’s giant is guaranteed to sell millions of copies. Last year, the journey mode went down really well and this has been developed even further in FIFA 18. There’s also been a Nintendo Switch version which has been developed separately, and it will be very interesting to see how this goes down as it will probably be the best portable sports game on the market. It’s always difficult to say how many major improvements or changes there will be, and FIFA 17 seemed so very refined, but just merely updating the player’s ratings and organising all of the transfers is usually enough to make people buy the game. So we have no doubt it will be one of the top sellers once again. It’s also still miles ahead of PES, both in terms of visuals and gameplay. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy has built itself a reputation of highly successful, domineering, fun and addictive RPG games throughout time. The title already proves to be a next gen classic.

The game is simply a breath of fresh air boasting spectacular high definition graphics, revamped textures, realistic terrain and ambient soundtracks- you’re definitely bound to fall in love the game’s melodic sounds.

You all know how tiring it gets to roam around searching for enemies to kill and gain XP from. Be that as it may, the results were never satisfying especially having played 30+minutes only to achieve XP equivalent to raising the bar by a quarter. It seems our guardian angel heard our cries thus introducing “Trial Mode”.

In this mode, players are allowed to use their existing team including the current levels and XP, to battle the onslaught of monsters to the death. A suitable yet enjoyable method of reaping XP like a boss.

Seeing how much the game has evolved really took me by surprise. Witnessing the new “Fast-Forward” feature in action blew me away, especially because of my lack of patience.