Let’s talk about Horizon Zero Dawn

If you love combat games, Horizon Zero Dawn is the perfect game for you. Developed by Guerrilla Games, it provides the player with a fictional post-apocalyptic world for Aloy (a female machine hunter for her tribe) to explore. The emergence of the machines or robots threatens the peace and existence of the human life, but she is here to save humanity. The entire game revolves around the Aloy, a skilled hunter and archer. She embarks on a mission to explore the world and destroy the mysterious mechanised creatures.

To play the game, the player takes control of the Aloy as she progresses through the land controlled by twenty-five robotic creatures. The target is to eliminate the machines and neutralize the threat. She uses combat means to kill the enemy and root their corpses for useful resources such as metal and electricity that vital for the Aloy’s survival. She uses the arrows, traps, explosives and Malee combat to bring these machines down. It is important to note that Horizon zero dawn is exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

Gravity Rush 2 – Our thoughts

You need to have played the first Gravity Rush to really understand the plot with this one. After five years, Gravity Rush 2 is both a realisation of the first game’s potential and a multiplying down on its flaws.

We’ll try to run through the main aspects of the storyline for you now. Kat takes on the part of a photojournalist, firefighter and private investigator and in this game she transforms into a significantly more intense and determined young lady. New elements, situations, and elegantly composed side missions invigorate but just a couple of control and storyline issues burden this progressive plot. Even though Raven is powerful, the fights seem to be fairly balanced but they’re certainly not easy! Every place Kat visits is brimming with life on account of Gravity Rush 2’s energetic music and brilliant characters. The new city has extraordinary changes between each of its island regions, which are isolated vertically rather than like Hekseville’s more flat design. These side missions provide a unique look into the lives of each city’s resident.

There’s a lot to do in the city with new test missions, talking with select NPCs, and obviously, the side missions. You will experience considerable difficulties with those missions though, it doesn’t matter how many times you played the first game. They give an interesting investigation into the lives of every city’s occupants and offer out fluctuated assignments. Some had such a long story to tell that they were separated into various parts, yet the not so common missions were cool to play too. As an example, one of the missions involves you helping the columnist to provide details regarding an unlawful arrangement with schoolgirls, so the ‘Gravity Queen’ does a bit of everything.

Our Verdict

After several story hiccups, This game will right itself and pull you in with the identity of its reality and the wide range of activites. The new gravity powers and styles make battle exciting, and elegantly composed side quests and character connections give better insight into Kat’s universe. Within 40 hours you will find it difficult to put the controller down, and we can hardly wait to jump back and complete each sidequest. Here’s the trailer if you wanted to take a look:

Mario Run – It’s out now

Mario Run is now free to download on your smartphone but it’s a hefty app so do make sure you have enough space on your phone before downloading.

We should clear one thing up first, the game is free to download but you can’t get past the first round unless you pay for modes 1-4. Once paid for, played and completed you then pay for the following worlds. So in total to buy the complete game and finish all of the levels, you’ll spend £8. That’s actually a considerable sum and there aren’t many mobile games that can get away with this. Mario is one of the rare few but I know from reading reviews online that the price hasn’t put many people off at all.

Mario Run is exciting; it’s wonderful to finally hear those classic sounds and see the famous Italian plumber jumping over things, but there is an element of computer assistance with this game. As an example, Mario automatically jumps over small creatures or obstacles, meaning you only have to worry about the bigger problems. Some would argue, well what’s the point in playing if half the work is done for you? That’s understandable, but the game would probably be a bit too stop and start and we feel that’s why the developers at Nintendo have chosen to keep things simple. Mario games are fun for all the family and having too many controls on a touch screen could make things quite complicated. So we feel it’s actually quite a good move. There definitely aren’t enough levels and hopefully they’ll be adding more soon but you will play the first few rounds and get addicted. It’s a game that will keep you coming back for more, like Flappy Bird did not too long ago, and it’s another fine example of how one touch games can be highly addictive.

Retro gaming making a comeback

For those of you who remember back in the mid 1980’s the original Nintendo, NES classic was released and hit the world by storm. The classic console was a vintage grey box with a distinctive rectangular controller, with a cord so short you had to sit too close to the screen. Big news is, it is making a comeback.

With many new released games advancing both visually and in challenging ways we wonder how they can improve in the future. On the other hand, we all have a weak spot for those retro childhood games, with poor visual effects and iconic theme tunes we once played with all the family, taking it in turns to see who could get to the furthest level before having to start again all the way from the beginning.

Many of the classic games which were played by many, can now be easily found online and many game players still continue to play them to this day. However, playing such retro games on your standard PC or laptop does not have the same impact as playing on a big screen with the classic controller in your hand.

Making game enthusiasts even more excited, Nintendo entertainment system (NES) has released this original ultimate retro gaming experience on the market now, adapted slightly to the technology requirements of today’s world, the console can be directly plugged into your high-definition television with a HDMI cable.

Supermario Standing FigurineThe console comes as a package with 30 of the original retro games, including, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong and of course PAC-MAN to name a few.

This epic comeback really got people enthusiastic about retro gaming and brought back many childhood memories. The consoles were quickly reserved and they are now currently sold out. We only hope to get our hands on one soon, hopefully in time for Christmas.

Non-stop Gaming

As much as we love reviewing games on this site it’s important to have a bit more of a serious blog post every now and then and that’s what we’re going to bring you today. We know many ‘hardcore gamers’ will play on their consoles every day, sometimes meaning they don’t leave the house for days at a time. Existing in the form of a character on a screen isn’t life. There are many adventures out there in the real world that need to be had, and you have to treat yourself to seeing what’s out there, rather than becoming addicted to games that give you false rewards. Real rewards are out there and you’ll only achieve them by stepping outside and putting the game controller down. Find a balance between work, adventure and gaming. That’s what we do.