Everybody’s Golf – This Classic Is Back Soon

Everybody’s Golf is a PS4 game full of charm and character. It is certainly the best game out of the Hot Shots Golf series, and it looks like it’s going to make a fantastic comeback.

It does not matter what type of golfer you are. Perhaps you are a casual weekend golfer? Or a semi-professional? Or a golfer who takes longer to choose what you are going to wear than actually playing the game! Whatever the case, whatever the style, we are proud to extend an invitation to anybody who loves a game of golf at any level. Everybody’s Golf is the next installment in the Hot Shots Golf series and it arrives right in time to celebrate twenty years since the series have been running.

We can tell you that Everybody’s Golf will be available from the 29th of August 2017 for the PS4. This time round, there is a fantastic opportunity to customise your character whilst additional activities include treasure hunting, fishing and buggy racing.