Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy has built itself a reputation of highly successful, domineering, fun and addictive RPG games throughout time. The title already proves to be a next gen classic.

The game is simply a breath of fresh air boasting spectacular high definition graphics, revamped textures, realistic terrain and ambient soundtracks- you’re definitely bound to fall in love the game’s melodic sounds.

You all know how tiring it gets to roam around searching for enemies to kill and gain XP from. Be that as it may, the results were never satisfying especially having played 30+minutes only to achieve XP equivalent to raising the bar by a quarter. It seems our guardian angel heard our cries thus introducing “Trial Mode”.

In this mode, players are allowed to use their existing team including the current levels and XP, to battle the onslaught of monsters to the death. A suitable yet enjoyable method of reaping XP like a boss.

Seeing how much the game has evolved really took me by surprise. Witnessing the new “Fast-Forward” feature in action blew me away, especially because of my lack of patience.