Game Releases April 2021

One of our all-time favourite topics to talk about on our blog is upcoming game releases! This post is all about the game releases coming through April 2021! Sharing with you all the games that we are most excited to try out this month!

Destruction Allstar
Price- £17.99
Console – PS5
Age Rating – 12
Release Date- 7th April 2021
About The Game – This game is all about destruction. Bringing you sixteen of your favourite Allstar heroes, mixing them with amazing vehicles where the aim is to cause destruction. In this game, you will need to master the art of mayhem, and enjoy causing destruction all around you!

Doom 3 VR
Price – £15.99
Console – PS4 VR
Age Rating – 18
Release Date – 16th April 2021
About The Game – This game is a virtual reality game, meaning you will feel as if you are completely emerged in the game. The main aim of this being to stop the invaders from coming to earth! You will need to battle the demons before they can invade. With blood, gore and jump scare being guaranteed in this game, you will be in for one hell of a ride. Making this game more realistic you can glance at your wrist to see your vitals! This is a must-play for any Doom lover.

Taxi Chaos
Price – £24.99 / £29.99
Console – PS4 / Nintendo Switch
Age Rating – 3
Release Date – 22nd April 2021
About The Game – Become a taxi driver in New Yellow City, one of the busiest cities of all! You will need to drive your taxi throughout the city, taking passengers to their destinations, whilst avoiding all the crowded streets! Take short cuts and find the best routes to complete the tasks on time. There are 3 main game modes, classic arcade racing against the clock to sort as many passengers as possible, free roam allowing you to explore the city and learn the best routes, and pro mode the most challenging of them all earning time and cash on every delivery.