Gravity Rush 2 – Our thoughts

You need to have played the first Gravity Rush to really understand the plot with this one. After five years, Gravity Rush 2 is both a realisation of the first game’s potential and a multiplying down on its flaws.

We’ll try to run through the main aspects of the storyline for you now. Kat takes on the part of a photojournalist, firefighter and private investigator and in this game she transforms into a significantly more intense and determined young lady. New elements, situations, and elegantly composed side missions invigorate but just a couple of control and storyline issues burden this progressive plot. Even though Raven is powerful, the fights seem to be fairly balanced but they’re certainly not easy! Every place Kat visits is brimming with life on account of Gravity Rush 2’s energetic music and brilliant characters. The new city has extraordinary changes between each of its island regions, which are isolated vertically rather than like Hekseville’s more flat design. These side missions provide a unique look into the lives of each city’s resident.

There’s a lot to do in the city with new test missions, talking with select NPCs, and obviously, the side missions. You will experience considerable difficulties with those missions though, it doesn’t matter how many times you played the first game. They give an interesting investigation into the lives of every city’s occupants and offer out fluctuated assignments. Some had such a long story to tell that they were separated into various parts, yet the not so common missions were cool to play too. As an example, one of the missions involves you helping the columnist to provide details regarding an unlawful arrangement with schoolgirls, so the ‘Gravity Queen’ does a bit of everything.

Our Verdict

After several story hiccups, This game will right itself and pull you in with the identity of its reality and the wide range of activites. The new gravity powers and styles make battle exciting, and elegantly composed side quests and character connections give better insight into Kat’s universe. Within 40 hours you will find it difficult to put the controller down, and we can hardly wait to jump back and complete each sidequest. Here’s the trailer if you wanted to take a look: