Have you visited a gaming festival?

Gaming festivals, when planned and executed properly, can be out of this world. At times, one single gaming festival may include new release announcements, opportunities to experience gameplay, VR prototypes, competitions and more.

Scotland may not be the first location that springs to mind when you think of gaming, but this year their three-day festival will include a new Virtual Reality Zone and the first Scotland v England YouTubers battle! The new VR Zone will allow gaming fans to experience the latest headset and games through virtual reality, whilst there will be throwbacks to classic games too, so it’s the perfect event for a hint of future and nostalgia too. Whether you are a complete novice gamer, a passionate pro or someone who is in between, there is plenty to see an do at this festival, and it only seems to get bigger and better each year. Why not give it a visit this year and finally experience a gaming show in all its glory?