Let’s talk about Horizon Zero Dawn

If you love combat games, Horizon Zero Dawn is the perfect game for you. Developed by Guerrilla Games, it provides the player with a fictional post-apocalyptic world for Aloy (a female machine hunter for her tribe) to explore. The emergence of the machines or robots threatens the peace and existence of the human life, but she is here to save humanity. The entire game revolves around the Aloy, a skilled hunter and archer. She embarks on a mission to explore the world and destroy the mysterious mechanised creatures.

To play the game, the player takes control of the Aloy as she progresses through the land controlled by twenty-five robotic creatures. The target is to eliminate the machines and neutralize the threat. She uses combat means to kill the enemy and root their corpses for useful resources such as metal and electricity that vital for the Aloy’s survival. She uses the arrows, traps, explosives and Malee combat to bring these machines down. It is important to note that Horizon zero dawn is exclusive for the PlayStation 4.