Mario Run – It’s out now

Mario Run is now free to download on your smartphone but it’s a hefty app so do make sure you have enough space on your phone before downloading.

We should clear one thing up first, the game is free to download but you can’t get past the first round unless you pay for modes 1-4. Once paid for, played and completed you then pay for the following worlds. So in total to buy the complete game and finish all of the levels, you’ll spend £8. That’s actually a considerable sum and there aren’t many mobile games that can get away with this. Mario is one of the rare few but I know from reading reviews online that the price hasn’t put many people off at all.

Mario Run is exciting; it’s wonderful to finally hear those classic sounds and see the famous Italian plumber jumping over things, but there is an element of computer assistance with this game. As an example, Mario automatically jumps over small creatures or obstacles, meaning you only have to worry about the bigger problems. Some would argue, well what’s the point in playing if half the work is done for you? That’s understandable, but the game would probably be a bit too stop and start and we feel that’s why the developers at Nintendo have chosen to keep things simple. Mario games are fun for all the family and having too many controls on a touch screen could make things quite complicated. So we feel it’s actually quite a good move. There definitely aren’t enough levels and hopefully they’ll be adding more soon but you will play the first few rounds and get addicted. It’s a game that will keep you coming back for more, like Flappy Bird did not too long ago, and it’s another fine example of how one touch games can be highly addictive.