Resident Evil – A brief background

The first Resident Evil game was a trendsetter, setting the bar for the genre often called “Survival-Horror”. The feeling of making a zombie’s head explode with a well-aimed blast from a shot gun is why gamers found it so addictive – and players know that no game in the market provides this experience quite as well as Resident Evil. Resident Evil also known as ‘Biohazard’ in Japan and it has been developed by Capcom. The Game was established in 1996 for the PlayStation 1, and had been rapidly ported to further games consoles.

Resident Evil attracts lots of its motivation from a game title called Sweet Home, a Japanese precursor to the “Survival-Horror” type. The game, called Biohazard in Japan, promotes personalities who are tangled in an estate, being bombarded by mutated monsters as they attempted to solve the mystery of the mansion, as well as make their solution to protection.

In the online game, you start as a member of an Elite Team of Racoon City’s Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS), where there are gruesome reports of assassinations as well as cannibalism on the edges of the city. When you appear, either you win control of Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, the online game’s protagonists, when you discover the fact associated with the attacks as well as the “T-Virus”. Resident Evil has sense savoured a wide variety of success. Everything from a series of flicks, to toys, and additional installations of the collection such as the heading of Resident Evil 6. However, many of these things owe their everyday life to the genuine Resident Evil.

We’re sure this series will continue for decades to come and it’s so good to see a game that genuinely gets better each time its released. Take the latest version as an example, the visuals are out of this world and it’s even more addictive than the previous games.