Why are video games so expensive?

It’s with no doubt that the price of video games is skyrocketing every day. People are spending more on video games each time a new version comes out even as prices continue to take a toll on their finances. The question is what is happening to game companies? Why are video games so expensive?

The most obvious reason that explains games’ price rise is production costis that most games are basically small movies. They are designed to follow a certain script with some having 7-8 hours of gameplay, including cut-scenes. Longer games have more variations. Video games producers require the services of concept artists, developers, project managers, writers, designers, and producers. They have at least 80-90 people working on a game under their payroll. Additionally, Hollywood superstars are venturing into the video game business with some like Mark Hamill and Elija Wood offering voice-over services.

Video game productions also take into account focus groups and control testers. After video games companies are done with the productions phase, they spend a considerable amount on marketing. When you take these factors into consideration, you at least have a clue why video games are expensive.