Let’s Understand Online Gaming

As gaming progresses, it can be difficult to understand the new ways of gaming. When we grew up with only multiplayer or single-player gaming, yet now we can play games online with our friends? This can seem confusing to some of us, but we are going to help you understand this.

Online gaming is an amazing progression in gaming for our children and younger generations who love it! It is amazing because it allows them to connect with their friends, play these games without needing to be in the room together. Giving them the best opportunities to socialise with their friends no matter what the weather is.

You may think this is upsetting as children no longer need to head outside to play with their friends, they can do this from the comfort of their homes. But with the past year and the Covid-19 pandemic, online gaming has been a lifesaver for children. Allowing them to still talk and play with their friends whilst remaining safe.

The Best Life Simulation Games

Life Simulation games are one form of game that is popular amongst gamers who do not like gore and fighting. The gamers that like the games where you can create your own ideal world and life.

Today, we are going to share with you some of our favourite Life Simulation Games. The ones we believe everyone should play!

The Sims Series
There are many different Sims games and it is hard to choose just one. Of course, the most recent release Sims 4 is the best of the bunch in terms of quality and what you can do, but they are all amazing games. These are games where you can buy or build your own home, style it how you want to, create your own family, work your dream job, and more. This is a game that most gamers will love and want to play at some point.

Animal Crossing
The Animal Crossing Series is another selection of games that are amazing for those who do not like gore and fighting. This is a game where you are able to walk around your own island, design your own property, go fishing, and catch bugs. A game that allows for ample freedom for the players.

`Goat Simulator
This game comes from more of the funny side of life simulators. This is a game that allows you to live your life as a goat. But this is a goat that can run free, jump extremely well, and stick its tongue to everything. A funny game for all gamers that do not enjoy gore but still want to have some fun causing some carnage.

These are three of our all-time favourite life simulator games. The games we believe all gamers should try if they are not keen on gore and fighting.

Gaming – Why It Isn’t Always Good

On our blog we like to share all the benefits of gaming, the good side if you will. Helping to move away from the negative view people seem to have on the gaming industry. But, it is still important that we do discuss the other side, that we do take into consideration why it may not always be good!

Gaming is amazing, and we will always encourage children to partake in gaming. But it is important to have a good balance. Consistent gaming can cause major damage to your eyes. Looking at a screen for long periods of time will cause strain on your eyes, which can result in long term damage. Taking regular breaks is the best way to prevent this from happening.

Another reason why gaming may not always be good is that online gaming is a platform that is known for bullying. It is much easier for people to get away with bullying online as nobody knows who you truly are. The reactions can not be seen so people do not always understand the harm they are doing. Whilst you can report the accounts, this does not stop them from setting up new accounts and continuing with their nasty ways.

Online gaming platforms are also a dangerous place for younger children. It’s scary, but some adults will use these platforms to get into contact with children. They will present themself as a child and potentially molest them.

Finally, whilst gaming can help with mental health, it can still cause strain on your mental stability. People may become reliant and addicted to these games. Gaming can cause suicide, which may be due to the issues mentioned previously.

So, whilst gaming may be good, it may come with a large variety of benefits. It is important to know that it isn’t always safe.

Does Becoming A Gaming Influencer Have Any Benefits?

If you have been following social media lately, you are likely hearing about a wide variety of social media influencers. With one of the most common being Gaming Influencers. Now, if you have any children, you may have heard them sharing that they wish to become a gaming influencer for their dream career.

If this is the case, you are likely wondering if this career path will have many benefits for them.

The truth is, becoming a gaming influencer does come with a wide variety of benefits. One of the main benefits is that after their hard work has paid off, they will be gaining pay for doing what they love.

Another benefit is that they will be influencing children of younger generations. They may be able to have a huge impact on the world we live in by inspiring younger audiences with their thoughts.

It does not all need to be negative. Whilst it is online-based, it can give them an amazing lifestyle with many benefits.

Gaming Influencer To Watch

No matter your age, if you are interested in the gaming industry, here is a list of the top 4 gaming influencer we believe everyone should be following!

1- Pewdiepie
Pewdiepie is the most well-known influencer in the gaming industry. With a whopping 105 million subscribers, he is one that you do not want to miss out on the videos with. The Pewdiepie YouTube channel is run by Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and he was one of the first people to enter and make it big in the gaming/youtube influencer world. His videos focus on a wide variety of games meaning there will always be something for everyone.

2- Dan TDM
DanTDM, another gaming YouTuber that you do not want to miss out on, especially if you are in a younger audience. Based in our home area of Wellingborough, Northampton, if you want to watch someone local, he is your man. His videos focus on games that are more child friendly, with his content being extremely child friendly with no foul language to be seen. He was made famous for his Minecraft series, gaining him a whopping 25million subscribers. Even with his fame, he still stays local to his hometown.

3- LDShadowLady
Now, we can’t miss out on this well known female gamer from our list. LDShadowlady is known mainly for her Minecraft and mini-game videos but is also trailing out more games. Lizzie, the owner of LDShadowLady, has a whopping 6 million subscribers and is still staying true to her routes playing on single and multiplayer Minecraft servers with her friends and fiance SmallishBeans.

4- IHasCupQuakes
She is known for playing games and producing videos that are child-friendly, suitable for aspiring gamer influencers audience. She focuses highly upon lets play series, Minecraft series and game reviews. She is on the verge of gaining 7million subscribers so this is a following you will want to join!