Gaming – Why It Isn’t Always Good

On our blog we like to share all the benefits of gaming, the good side if you will. Helping to move away from the negative view people seem to have on the gaming industry. But, it is still important that we do discuss the other side, that we do take into consideration why it may not always be good!

Gaming is amazing, and we will always encourage children to partake in gaming. But it is important to have a good balance. Consistent gaming can cause major damage to your eyes. Looking at a screen for long periods of time will cause strain on your eyes, which can result in long term damage. Taking regular breaks is the best way to prevent this from happening.

Another reason why gaming may not always be good is that online gaming is a platform that is known for bullying. It is much easier for people to get away with bullying online as nobody knows who you truly are. The reactions can not be seen so people do not always understand the harm they are doing. Whilst you can report the accounts, this does not stop them from setting up new accounts and continuing with their nasty ways.

Online gaming platforms are also a dangerous place for younger children. It’s scary, but some adults will use these platforms to get into contact with children. They will present themself as a child and potentially molest them.

Finally, whilst gaming can help with mental health, it can still cause strain on your mental stability. People may become reliant and addicted to these games. Gaming can cause suicide, which may be due to the issues mentioned previously.

So, whilst gaming may be good, it may come with a large variety of benefits. It is important to know that it isn’t always safe.