Online Games You Need To Try

Gaming online is becoming increasingly popular. Especially as people are discovering that this is an amazing way to connect with friends and family who may not be close by or you may not be able to visit. So here are 3 online games that we believe you should try.

1- Mario Kart World Tour
This is the online version of Mario Kart. So rather than competing with computers, you will be competing with real players. This will truly test your skills as humans can have a higher skill level than computers, and will be more competitive.

2- Among Us
A simple game that you can play online is Among Us. This is a game that doesn’t require too much skill and will be easy for people of all ages to play.

3- Jackbox TV
Another popular game is JAckbox TV. This is essentially a gaming platform that consists of a wide variety of games. You will all need to be able to see one screen to be able to play together, but using a platform like zoom will make this possible.