The Best Life Simulation Games

Life Simulation games are one form of game that is popular amongst gamers who do not like gore and fighting. The gamers that like the games where you can create your own ideal world and life.

Today, we are going to share with you some of our favourite Life Simulation Games. The ones we believe everyone should play!

The Sims Series
There are many different Sims games and it is hard to choose just one. Of course, the most recent release Sims 4 is the best of the bunch in terms of quality and what you can do, but they are all amazing games. These are games where you can buy or build your own home, style it how you want to, create your own family, work your dream job, and more. This is a game that most gamers will love and want to play at some point.

Animal Crossing
The Animal Crossing Series is another selection of games that are amazing for those who do not like gore and fighting. This is a game where you are able to walk around your own island, design your own property, go fishing, and catch bugs. A game that allows for ample freedom for the players.

`Goat Simulator
This game comes from more of the funny side of life simulators. This is a game that allows you to live your life as a goat. But this is a goat that can run free, jump extremely well, and stick its tongue to everything. A funny game for all gamers that do not enjoy gore but still want to have some fun causing some carnage.

These are three of our all-time favourite life simulator games. The games we believe all gamers should try if they are not keen on gore and fighting.